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Written by Robert Reid   
Wednesday, 19 June 2013 12:16


Repeal the Johnson Amendment NOW!!!

FIRE John McCain

Fire Lindsey Graham

Fire John Boehner
FIRE Bob Corker

Abolish Home Land Security

Jail Lois Lerner

Jail Eric Holder

Eliminate the Department of Education!!!

STOP Common Core!!!

Deny Amnesty!!!

Seal America’s Borders!!

Declare Radical Islamists enemies of America!!!

Eliminate OBAMACARE!

Cut the EPA by 85% NOW!!!

Cut government salaries by 50% NOW!!!!

No government UNIONS!!!

No TSA!!! Turn airline security

over to the airlines, FBI & CIA


Americans Stand up now -

Throw this out of Control Government out of Office

And Help take back America and restore our Republic!!!

Before we lose it to these radical progressive Marxists!!!

And big government progressives like the Bushes,

McCain, Graham, Boehner & those who don't call them out

for what they are and what they are doing to destroy America

together with the Marxist Democrats!!


We the People must stop this transformation of America into a totalitarian tyrannical Marxist state and reject every power grab effort that emanates out of this Congress and the Administration! 

We call on all the freedom lovers in America to stand up and call your Representatives and Senators and scream that “I’ve had it!  I’m sick and tired of this Government Gone Wild, and can’t take it any more!!!  And I expect you to STOP it NOW!!!

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