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Written by Robert Reid   
Thursday, 28 April 2016 21:09
I just finished viewing “Amerigeddon” that used documented facts to substantiate a most probable event in the near future of America - an EMP event!!! This film is based on a true story yet to happen - the EMP event possibility is the true facts that most Americans are so uninformed about but their Representatives in the ruling class government aren't as uniformed???  This is a must view for ALL people who are concerned with the direction our nation is going and with those in power at our government who are supposed to be protecting us as their primary job!!! It isn’t pleasant to consider the truths presented in this hard hitting film, nor to think of the potential threats to ourselves and our families may face one day soon, but I strongly urge you to watch this short movie clip and pay heed to its warnings!!
The government can no longer hide all this behind their Congressional committee meetings that have been going on for almost a decade now!!! After you see the movie ask your Congressman and Senator why they haven't been screaming about this over the networks and their townhalls - hold them accountable - demand that they do their primary job and protect America and its citizens!!! 
This movie will do more to help inform Americans of this existing EMP threat and finally bring this most important security risk to the surface! Opens May 13 in many Theaters....
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