Conservatives Speak Out-President Barack Obama makes clear his continued devotion to his community agitator past, and his open disdain for responsible law and order in America

Posted by Gettin after Lefty on February 23, 2011

Gary Gatehouse said "it has become more evident with each passing day that we as conservatives, we as Americans who refused to buy into Obama and the Socialist left agenda are engaged in a all out political war against those that would destroy our country"



With his direct support of the public worker union’s battle against the freely elected state leaders of Wisconsin, President Barack Obama makes clear his continued devotion to his community agitator past, and his open disdain for responsible law and order in America.

If any doubt remained regarding Barack Obama’s priorities as President of the United States, those doubts were abruptly eliminated this past week. President Obama was, is, and will remain, a community organizer. It is all he has known, and it now appears, is all he truly knows how to do.

As state governments across the nation grapple with ever worsening budget shortfalls, Barack Obama submits a national budget that adds another trillion dollars to the deficit. As governors place all options on the proverbial table in dealing with their respective budget demands, Barack Obama continues the policies of economic suicide.

Enter Wisconsin, and its Republican governor Scott Walker.

With his state buckling under the weight of public employee salaries and benefits, Walker has suggested state workers pay up to 5.8% of their salaries toward their pension plans. Presently, these same workers pay almost nothing – those plans are paid almost entirely by Wisconsin taxpayers. Walker has also requested public employees in Wisconsin pay up to $200 toward their healthcare plans – plans that are of very high quality that also makes them more expensive.

Having already set union leaders into full-on outrage mode, Governor Walker then went even further, suggesting that while public employees could continue to utilize collective bargaining for salaries, they should not be allowed to do so for benefits. Walker is hoping to help coordinate a shift in Wisconsin’s state healthcare and pension plans to programs that are far more affordable, but doing so under the present collective bargaining agreement would make such a shift near impossible, thus leaving Wisconsin taxpayers hostage to the ever-increasing demands of the now radicalized public sector unions.

Enter President Barack Obama.

Obama, as president, should have very little to say regarding a conflict between a state governor and public employees.
But unlike past presidents, Barack Obama’s life’s work has been that of agitation – with labor unions as a primary means of festering that agitation into outright conflict. It is who he is at heart, and having been elected President of the United States appears to have left that fact entirely undiminished.

And so, speaking as President of the United States, Barack Obama declared the Wisconsin dispute an “assault against unions.” Such inflammatory language, while shocking by presidential standards, is just the kind of language Barack Obama and his radicalized liberalism has been using for decades. In giving his presidential support for the labor unions, whose members are now in violation of their own worker contracts, who have threatened lawmakers, who have likened a popular governor to Adolph Hitler simply because that governor is attempting to balance a budget as his own state constitution requires, President Obama has become the sedition president. Obama now lends support and financial backing against law and order in favor of union demands.

Obama’s own political action committee, Organizing for America has been sending support to the Wisconsin protesters, as well as additional support to other union protests across the nation. So too has the Democratic National Committee.

To find the reasoning behind an American president becoming so personally involved in a labor dispute among state unions and a governor, look no further than this insightful quote from Barack Obama from 2008:

“We’re ready to play offense for organized labor. It’s time we had a president who didn’t choke saying the word ‘union.’ A president who strengthens our unions by letting them do what they do best: organize our workers.”

Perhaps President Obama would do well to study his own Democratic Party history with another quote from none other than Franklin D Roosevelt, who gave a dire warning of the inherent and very serious dangers of allowing public sector workers to unionize:

“I want to emphasize my conviction that militant tactics have no place” in the public sector. “A strike of public employees manifests nothing less than an intent on their part to prevent or obstruct the operations of Government.”

By lending both his support and political machine to assist the Wisconsin labor unions, Barack Obama is doing the very thing FDR warned of – obstructing the operations of Government. President Obama is complicit in this act – a president who has utterly repudiated the primary duties of the office of president so that he may continue to act as a simpleton community organizer, for sadly it would appear that remains all that Obama truly knows…

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Gary Gatehouse comments

With all that is going on in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, with the National Education Association Union
(Teachers socialist agenda union should be their title) it is evident that this battle has hit home with the Socialist Democrats, it has thrown a wrench into their plans of CHANGE, that being changing America to a country of SOCIALISM.

Obama has shown his true colors once again, he is a Marxist trained from his days at home, his exposure to communism in college, his south side of Chicago community organizer days, his exposure to Saul Alinsky a Marxist activist from Chicago, William Ayers, Rev Wright all socialist, hate America crowd. Is it any wonder that Obama is what he is a MARXIST with a agenda that falls in line with the unions of this country, the Democrat Party.

OBAMA involvement, his comments about Wisconsin about unions testifies that he cares not about our country our constitution, our way of life, he is hell bent on destroying our Republic and rebuilding it as a Socialist state United Socialist States of America-along with his minions in congress, the unions, and the sheeple that call themselves DEMOCRATS he is pushing the left's Socialist agenda forward