Dear BESE:                                                                                                                                July 7, 2014


The very foundation of every successful society is the education of its youth. But, instead of focusing on doing only that, and doing it well, BESE has made it clear that its “priority one” is to implement the Federally directed Common Core and PARCC.


The Tea Party of Louisiana vehemently disagrees with you for taking that position & urges you to comply with the directives of Governor Jindal and remove Louisiana from all Common Core Initiatives & PARCC testing. This is far too important to be politically correct so we will speak plainly and clearly why each BESE member as a patriotic American should want to comply with the parents and the Governor to help lead Louisiana out of the Common Core Standards & PARCC tests.


We have been dealing with the slow creep of using our public school systems as instruments to implement social policy rather than simply institutions that educate children for the last 6 to 7 decades.  During this time, there had been a real resistance by American Parents to believe that schools were changing from centers of education to federal indoctrination camps, but with the implementation of Common Core over these past few years by the lawless Obama administration and our very own complicit BESE, LDOE and the 2014 La Legislature parents are waking-up in increasing numbers everywhere in Louisiana and all across this Nation!


It’s past time to wake up and smell the stench of creeping Socialism and the slow, systematic dismantling of our nation. The purpose of public schools is solely to educate our children, not to function as a means to erase our children's Judeo-Christian foundations, act as centers of sexuality acceptance training, or promote social and/or political theories that demean and reject our Constitutional Republic and undermine parental influence and authority.

Now increasingly mandated is to ignore focusing on “knowledge mastery” as the central theme of education in favor of mental hygiene, consensus and acceptance training, global citizenship and the life-long surveillance of our children and us. Why is this no longer the ONLY point of focus of our public schools?  Why has the focus of public schools been diverted instead to “politically correct” themes.  Doing this risk following the education philosophy of some of history’s most hideous dictators, such as Adolph Hitler, who famously said, "Let me control the textbooks and I will control the nation."


As so accurately foreseen in the unanimously passed 12-01-2011 National Federation of Republican Women Resolution, “The national standards-based ‘Common Core State Standards’ initiative is the centerpiece of the Obama’s Administration’s agenda to centralize education decisions at the federal level.”  And today, we are at that pivotal point of adopting (or not) the implementation tool for the final social re-engineering and mental re-shaping of Americans into non-Americans that will truly transform America forever. And this Centralized Federally controlled Common Core provides the final foundation for this political-corporate (or more plainly, Fascist) take-over and manipulation of knowledge and learning by our children. The schools would be the largest governmental organizations in America.


Yes, Common Core will fundamentally change the way we educate our children … and strip away the rights we parents and children have. It will be the “Crown Jewel” for the final part of the Communist takeover of America from within as stated in their 45 Goals published in 1958 in “The Naked Communist” - (“#17.  Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.”).  Can it be said anymore plainly or more explicitly?


The Tea Party of Louisiana echoes the cries of the tens-of-thousands of Louisiana moms and parents, and millions all across this Nation, for you to stand BOLD and to immediately extricate Louisiana from all aspects of the Common Core Initiative and PARCC testing in compliance with Governor Jindal's Executive Order No. BJ 2014-6 and 7.


Bob Reid, spokesman

Board of Directors Member

TEA Party of Louisiana, LLC