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Louisiana Hall of Shame PDF Print E-mail

Louisiana alumni hall of shame………….

Obama throws Israel under the bus PDF Print E-mail



 Click Here to see video and/or read details!


Radical Islam Taking Over Europe PDF Print E-mail

Scary: Radical Islam Is Completely Taking Over Europe.


See Why America Could Be Next!!!

"We have to take the necessary action now..."  Click Here to Read More

The Threat of Porous Borders PDF Print E-mail

The Threat Next Door !!!

It ain’t just the Central American kids flooding across the U.S. southern border we need to be concerned about.  Just one state over, in McAllen, Texas, foreign nationals from countries we don’t normally think of were recently apprehended while trying to enter our country illegally.  These aliens, all adult males, represent a different kind of threat our state and nation face as more and more foreigners attempt to penetrate our porous borders.

The latest from Breitbart:  Click HERE and see for yourself!!!


3000+ DEAD due to Clinton! PDF Print E-mail


Would of, Could of, Should of……

The Tragic Legacy of a Former President’s Inaction

Family members of 9/11 victims count the cost of former president, Bill Clinton’s refusing to take out Bin Laden when he had the chance in this recent Fox News interview:     Click HERE!!!

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