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Upholding Our Constitution
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Written by Captain Bob   
Monday, 21 October 2013 10:31

Upholding Our Constitution


Millions serving in the military, elected and appointed government officials and others routinely take an oath as part of their duties to uphold and defend our Constitution, but what is the practical effect of this oath? How many of these individuals have actually read our Constitution and know what it says? How many are really committed to our Constitution and its Bill of Rights (the First 10 Amendments)? Are our schools teaching the Constitution? How many of those taking the oath to uphold and defend our Constitution could pass a very basic quiz about the contents of our Constitution?

What happened to September 17? It is apparently a forgotten date now that is missing in action, a former holiday not being observed or honored at all in our current “politically correct” climate. But why is this? Throughout most of our history as a nation, our first 2 patriotic holidays were Independence Day (July 4, 1776) and Constitution Day (September 17, 1787). July 4 is important because it establishes our freedom, and September 17 is important because our Constitution was unanimously released by the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia for ratification by the States on September 17, 1787.

When the Constitutional Convention finished its work and was disbanding, some spectators gathered outside. As Benjamin Franklin, the grand old man of the Constitutional Convention, was leaving, someone yelled out, “Mr. Franklin, what kind of government have you given us?” Old Ben answered cryptically but conclusively, “a republic, Sir, if you can keep it!”

George Washington was the President of the Constitutional Convention, and every delegate from each state signed it for submission to the States. Our Constitution secures our rights and freedoms and provides a permanent written structure to preserve our self-government through a system of checks and balances that also protects us against excesses by current and future governments and politicians.

It is baffling that groups that want to uphold and defend our Constitution including Tea Party organizations are now abusively attacked by “politically correct” officials and media as “radical” or worse. King George III in 1776 also felt that American patriots were radical. He was outraged that American patriots thought they could be independent of the British government and actually govern themselves. Why is the spirit of 1776 under attack again today? Why is our Constitution being circumvented by politically correct officials?

Winning elections is not a blank check to rule by decree or executive whim. Winning elections confers the privilege to serve within the confines of our constitutional framework, respecting our system of checks and balances and seeking a cooperative consensus wherever possible. Money must not be spent that has not been appropriated. Laws must be passed by Congress.

There are two steps in spending the taxpayers’ money. First, there is authorization legislation. Then a budget is adopted periodically or a special appropriation is passed by Congress. Previous authorization legislation by itself does not allocate continuing funds. The requirement for periodic funding legislation allows oversight by Congress as part of our constitutional checks and balances. It is not extortion if Congress withdraws or fails to provide continuing funding. It is an exercise by Congress of its constitutional responsibility, based on current circumstances, to either fund or not fund what was earlier authorized. Congress is not bound to stick to its past mistakes when there is an opportunity for correction in the appropriation process.

Our Constitutional system of checks and balances protects the public interest, relying on wisdom in a multitude of counselors, rather than letting one man make costly mistakes at the expense of everyone. When our Constitution is ignored or its supporters are abused, America suffers and loses its double barrel advantage, our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution that safeguards and secures our freedoms.


Capt. Bob

Fighting for Freedom

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