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My West Point Dad-Part III
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Written by Capt Bob   
Wednesday, 24 July 2013 21:47

My West Point Dad-Part III

The next time I saw Dad after dinner on the front porch, he was busy reading something interesting in the Bible. In addition to the Bible’s spiritual content, he thought the Bible is a very good history book. I interrupted him, saying, “Dad, is there anything else you can tell me about our citizens being armed? Is it really a good thing, or could it potentially cause trouble?”

“Well, Bobby,” he replied, “If you really want to find out if it is a good thing, or not, why don’t you find out what the Bible says about this type of situation?” Then he went back to reading his Bible. Dad was putting me to work. He wasn’t going to do my homework for me, so I got my Bible and started looking.

I was amazed to learn after some reading that the Second Amendment of our Bill of Rights about gun ownership was apparently not an original idea at the time of the American Revolution. It was inspired by what existed in ancient Israel when Israel was successfully defending itself and fighting its enemies who are very numerous in that part of the world. In fact, King David got into trouble with God when he ordered his military commander Joab to take a census of all the men in Judah and Israel who had their own swords and other weapons and who were ready to fight if needed. According to Second Samuel, Chapter 24, Verse 9 in the Bible, there were 500,000 able bodied, armed men in Judah who could handle a sword and who could be called upon to serve, and 800,000 in Israel for a total of 1.3 million fighting men who were at home with their own weapons and who could also provide for their own self-defense along with their neighbors. There was no need then for police who would arrive at the scene of the crime 30 minutes after it was too late. It was like an armed neighborhood watch with so many armed citizens.

But why would God want to keep the number of armed citizens uncounted and unknown? Possibly God did not want Israel’s enemies to know Israel’s actual strength. Maybe God wanted Israel to create the impression that it had unlimited resources, as countless as the grains of sand on the world’s beaches.

This would be psychological warfare to create fear and uncertainty among Israel’s enemies. This tactic served Israel well in its previous conflicts. Once the number was known, the information would inevitably leak out, and Israel’s enemies could plan to have a larger army.

We could apply this same concept to not having a national registry of firearms in the United States. Potential enemies including homegrown criminals do not know how many people are armed or where their guns are located. This enhances deterrence of criminals through their fear of the unknown as well as their fear of the known if most citizens are armed. Dad, the sly old West Point Cadet, had forced me to seek truth on my own instead of just giving me the answers, but I still wanted to talk to him about some of my ideas.

Armed citizens not only provide their own self-defense. They contribute to law and order at home and can help respond to natural disasters along with contributing to national defense, freeing up huge resources for other important needs. When Hurricane Andrew devastated southern Miami-Dade County on August 24, 1992, residences were left in shambles with no electricity for weeks. Signs appeared at houses in Homestead, Florida saying, “You loot, we shoot.” As a result, there was very little looting or shooting there.

Capt. Bob Bell

U.S. Navy Retired




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