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A Hundred Years of Hypnosis!
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Capt Bob - Taxes
Written by Capt Bob   
Monday, 26 August 2013 14:59

A Hundred Years of Hypnosis!

Why do we have income taxes, the most un-American tax we could have? Because Woodrow Wilson said so 100 years ago! He was President of Princeton University, then Governor of New Jersey, and finally in 1913 President of the United States until 1921. The income tax was his signature accomplishment. With its control over our citizens, it was intended to be the preamble to widespread government intervention in our lives that were formerly free before Wilson.

However, toward the end of his second term, he became ill, and his authoritarian agenda stalled. But his socialist stalwarts who were left behind continued to clamor for more government intrusion into our lives with more freedom taken from our lives for decade after decade until a century had eclipsed the success instilled stamina of our citizens as their individual incentives were erosively eaten away. It was as if Wilson had cast a severe socialist spell of hardened hypothecated hypnosis over our citizens or at least a substantial segment of our people who are still pushing for more government takeovers and direct government intervention

But why could no one break the spell and answer for us who are born free and who aspire to stay free? It is because Wilson and his friends re-defined and used words in a manner opposite to their usual meaning so our logical reasoning process was disrupted, and his hypnosis has continued to hold us hostage.

Wilson said we must have an income tax so rich people will pay more taxes than poor people. But rich people always pay more taxes anyway because they own more property and pay more real estate taxes; and they have more money and spend more money, paying more sales taxes. Rich people also have accountants, tax lawyers and tax havens around the world, so the income tax is the least effective type of tax to collect from rich people to any substantial extent while ordinary toiling taxpayers are oppressed and suppressed by income taxes. The more they make, the greater the government take, pushing them back down the economic ladder instead of propelling them upward toward success with the momentum of their own hard-earned money at no cost to other taxpayers.

Yet the seductive spell persists with the subjects of government paralyzed and prevented psychologically from participating in their own liberation. They are apparently unable to speak a word against the pagan Marxist/socialist philosophy of the income tax that tries to play God at our expense because Wilson said it is a “progressive” tax. Actually, it is “regressive” because it pushes real people backward economically instead of forward, but Wilson reversed the use of these two words to confuse our reasoning process so we would be held hostage to his spell while we involuntarily participate in an irreversible downward spiral away from our birthright of freedom and prosperity.

The income tax has nothing to do with progress or anything really progressive. It is a massive disincentive to work and maximum productivity. It increasingly penalizes individuals as they become more successful and more productive. Individuals begin to ask, “Why should I make more money, I just pay more taxes.” Non-productive activities not involving work become more alluring as individuals settle for no more than average success at best where the counterweight of the income tax is not so great.

The income tax attacks and contradicts the core of America’s foundations as a land of unfettered opportunity where we should promote success rather than penalize it. The income tax takes us in the wrong direction away from greater success toward Marxist/socialist stagnation where we can only dream of our earlier historic opportunities. What is not already gone is rapidly vanishing as we watch in our hypnotic hibernation.

Snap your fingers, and wake up America!! The evil income tax spell is broken. The wicked wizard Wilson is gone. He can no longer hold you or your dreams hostage.

It is not too late for America, the errant hypnotized sleepwalker to awaken from a century of sleep and return to a bright sunshiny daylight abode where freedom lives. Those who live in freedom feed upon the fruits of their own labors and have enough to share voluntarily with others, shattering the shackles of coerced socialism with its spellbinding incantations of income tax immortality.

Wilson, the wicked wizard of the west, is dead for almost a hundred years now. We are completely free to choose freedom of choice and success, but we must act together to restore the individual incentives of free enterprise with reformed taxes and regulations to respect and encourage productivity and our freedom to succeed to the fullest extent possible through our own work.

I salute American workers as we celebrate Labor Day. Let freedom ring!!


Capt. Bob, On Guard for You                                    Labor Day, September 2, 2013




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