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Abolishing the Internal Revenue Service
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Written by Capt Bob   
Monday, 26 August 2013 15:13

Abolishing the Internal Revenue Service

As more abuses are publicized, there is growing support to abolish the Internal Revenue Service. Previous attempts to reform the practices and procedures of the Internal Revenue Service have apparently failed or have not been fully effective.


However, is it really the fault of the Internal Revenue Service that includes many dedicated men and women who work there, or is it the type of job they are asked to perform by a government that is supposedly based upon individual freedoms and rights? As long as there is an ultra intrusive income tax that tramples on our Constitution and its Bill of Rights, some type of over-reaching abusive agency will be needed to enforce such an anti-American system of over-bearing and counter-productive taxation.


The income tax needs to be eliminated and replaced by a national sales tax. Then the Internal Revenue Service could be re-shaped into an Interstate Tax Service, no longer interfering intensively with individuals and businesses but rather focusing on dealing with the states’ departments of revenue who would be collecting the national sales tax on a cooperative basis for the Federal Government. After the income tax is gone, the national Interstate Tax Service would collect other types of taxes for the Federal Government but would not duplicate or add another complete layer of administration to the sales tax collection efforts of the states. Instead, the Interstate Tax Service would “piggy back” on the collection activities of the states, providing some additional revenue to the states for their collection work while saving a tremendous amount of money for the Federal Government. The net revenue after adjusting for the cost of collection would be much more with a national sales tax than it is with the income tax system that extensively invades every home and business in America with elaborate, over-powering and very costly tactics.


Why must the income tax be eliminated in order to restore our constitutional freedoms and rights? The 16th Amendment does not explicitly overrule other prior provisions of the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights. It merely gives Congress the authority to enact an income tax, leaving it up to Congress to specify what is “income” and how it will be taxed and collected. However, experience over the past 100 years has shown that extensive abuses are inevitable with income taxes.


Income taxes involve a massive invasion of privacy, requiring individuals and businesses to keep records they would otherwise not need. Working on income tax matters becomes a type of involuntary servitude, and the cost of compliance is a huge hidden tax in addition to the income tax itself. Also, income taxes violate the principles of the Bill of Rights in multiple areas.


First, exercising the right of free speech under the First Amendment can cause the loss of tax exempt status if an unknown I.R.S. agent concealed behind a shroud of secrecy decides the free speech and related activities are too “political” even though our government is supposed to be based upon robust participation by citizens.


Next, the income tax is criminalized so that failure to file tax returns and filing tax returns incorrectly are crimes. Then the protection of the Fourth Amendment against unreasonable searches and seizures is stripped away, so toiling taxpayers do not have the constitutional protections afforded to ordinary criminals and other citizens under the Bill of Rights.


Under the income tax system, taxpayers are required to provide evidence against themselves! So say goodbye to the Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination for ordinary taxpayers. A rogue I.R.S. revenue agent can take the Fifth Amendment in a congressional investigative hearing to avoid accountability for abusive tax enforcement schemes, but an ordinary taxpayer cannot claim Fifth Amendment guarantees concerning income tax matters.


The Eighth Amendment of the Bill of Rights prohibits excessive fines and cruel and unusual punishment. The income tax system does more than collect interest on unpaid taxes. It employs a myriad of penalties that amount to excessive fines imposed without any adjudication and without facing the accuser as guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Again it is an anonymous administrative action by an unknown I.R.S. agent. To an ordinary taxpayer with a tax problem, it is cruel and unusual punishment to be terrorized by the full weight of the federal government through the income tax system using liens, levies, penalties and intimidation. Many taxpayers who are entitled to relief do not know how to thread their way through the bureaucratic labyrinth of the income tax system. They may give up or because of fear pay amounts they do not owe.


Why are we doing this to ourselves in “the land of the free and the home of the brave”?

This is self-inflicted suffering and immense inconvenience that serves no constructive or productive purpose. The payment of federal taxes to fund essential services can be accomplished incidentally to our regular activities through a national sales tax in cooperation with the states. There is no need to continue to endure the torture of the income tax system. Restore all of our individual rights and freedoms. Restore our industries to competitive status with other nations.


Declare April 15 to be a national holiday, Family Day! Spend time with our families on April 15 that was wasted for the past 100 years serving the income tax system when we could have been living unfettered and free from the immense intrusion and interference produced by the unnecessary, ill-advised and counter-productive income tax system.


To Be Continued.

Capt. Bob, On Guard for You




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