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Let us NOT forget the 2013 push for the
500 Million Dollar
MASSIVE Louisiana TAX increase led by Democrats, the Black Caucus and so called "Conservative Fiscal Hawk Republicans !!!

Prepare to make sure we vote these Government Gone Wild Marxist Democrats & RINO Fascists, Tax & Spend Progressive Republicans out of office in the 2015 election!!!

Don't we wish we could just throw every one of them who are of this kind of thinking OUT right now!!! What about just cutting spending & reducing the size of government to balance the budget just like we have to in our household budgets!!! Looks as if Common sense has been LOST in America!

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Say Hello to Louisiana's Top RINO Congressman and the Louisiana Delegation's Cave-in-Chief

Rep Charles Boustany.

He has clearly demonstrated he is a full pledged member of the establishment for Big Government control even to the point of accusing Fleming, Scalise and Cassidy of not being Conservatives




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Happy Independence Day, or IS IT ???
Today, July 4th, we celebrate the birth of our nation – or do we???  Most Baby Boomer & older Americans have memories of wonderful Independence Days past.  There would be fireworks, cook outs, family gatherings and a reminder that America was a great, free and independent nation with a free and independent people.
After the events of not only the last few days but the last few years, it is now clear and evident and fair to say we are now celebrating Independence Day in a post-liberty America? Welcome to the new transformed “USSA” – the United Socialists States of America!!!  See our website tab - The New "USSA" -  to know exactly what that means and how it happened.

The sad truth is we are living in a post liberty America.  People in the Tea Party movement will remember the words of the Declaration of Independence. But few of the millennial generation have even read that document; much less remember its words, as for two generations now, we have taught our children revisionist or politically correct history--like the strange idea that our Founding Fathers risked their lives out of greed or self-interest, or that they intended our interpretation of the Constitution to “evolve” over time.  As a result of this failure to teach the truth about our history, we are beginning to see our nation’s memory of the past slip away--especially the values and principles for which our founders actually fought.

Ask yourself: Do we really honor today the courageous patriots who cast off the chains of despotism, abolishing our bond to an unjust government??? And do we truly remember our forefathers who fought and died for the principles of self-governance and self-determination??? Are we continuing their legacy, did we forget what pushed our Founders to take a stand for liberty???

On July 2, 1776, the Continental Congress began drafting the document we know today as the Declaration of Independence.With unanimous consent, the Declaration of Independence was approved on July 4, 1776. It boldly declared:“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” --That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness.

The Founders later enshrined the framework necessary to defend these God-given rights from any who dared threaten them, when they drafted the Bill of Rights.Always remember – to whom much is given much is required – we in America have been provided so much since our founding but have we been good stewards of what we’ve been provided? Are we making sure our children and grand children have the same freedoms, liberty and opportunity? Or have we taken them for granted and become a Nation of expecting more just for our own selves?

Today we have an American government that is at war with the safety and happiness of Americans. We are assaulted every day by a government that has a byzantine morass of laws, regulations and rules that no man can comply with.  Rights that were guaranteed to us in the Constitution are being overridden by those who believe their political beliefs or their sexual orientation makes their rights superior to all others.

Today we have an oppressive government in Washington D.C.  which exceeds all bounds established by the Constitution.  We have a government and a political class that is more concerned with illegal aliens, who violate this nation’s laws and commit crimes against its citizens than we are with the American citizens.

Perhaps the most alarming part of this is that a sizable portion of the American population is willing to surrender liberty and freedom for the tyranny of statism.

Today the nation celebrates its Independence but there is no celebration of liberty.  Liberty is fading completely away in America.

A band of brave patriots, 239 years ago,  declared the independence of the American nation from a tyrannical British monarchy.  Today we have a tyrannical government in Washington D.C.  and a compliant Supreme Court and Mainstream Media.  We have a government that no longer acknowledges our unalienable rights and instead believes the only rights we have are those the government decides to grace us with.

The situation is becoming intolerable!!! –wouldn’t you agree?

The only question now is, will Americans stand up or will we quietly allow liberty to die in what was once the greatest nation on earth. 

I hope you will take a moment today to reflect on the sacrifices made by our founders, and celebrate the liberties that are unique to our great nation, our Bill of Rights and among them the right to keep and bear arms. Our Founders knew firsthand that without arms, individuals are helpless against oppressionSo as you reflect on our freedoms this weekend, I hope you will also take a moment to say a quiet prayer for the unborn. As Jefferson said: “The first duty of government is the protection of life, not its destruction.”

Let us truly remind ourselves what a privilege it is to be Americans and what great responsibilities it places on each of us.  As new and emerging threats from within our own boarders, i.e., from our so called “leaders” or better yet government administrators, judges, Hollywood, TV, main stream news media, common core schools, liberal Marxist universities, activist judges and elected officials, to our God-given rights of freedom of speech, religion, to keep and bear arms demand our vigilant activism, TPoL relies upon modern patriots like you to defend our freedom – TO MAKE A STAND!!!

We pray for our Nation and its future, and dedicate ourselves to working within the processes contained in our country’s founding documents to bring needed change back to our founding principles and precepts.


This Independence Day, let us honor the bravery of patriots, past and present, who dared to stand up for the cause of liberty. 

Happy Independence Day from all of us at the Tea Party of Louisiana (TPoL).    2 Chronicles 7:14


In Liberty and For Freedom,

Bob Reid, spokesman

Board of Directors Member

Tea Party of Louisiana, LLC

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Muslim World reacts to Obama's "greatest threat - Climate Change"???  This is Middle East News as it is presented there! No wonder our Obama sucking, low-information media isn't reporting on what is said around the world! But why isn't FOX reporting on it??? Why aren't our so called Republican opposition speaking out about it??? COWARDS!!! That's why!



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Thank You Governor Jindal For Standing Firm on Traditional Marriage and the protection of Civil Rights For Those Who Have Moral Acts of Conscience in Their Businesses and shame on those 10 State Representative members of the House Civil Law & Procedure Committee for not having the courage to represent the overwhelming majority of their constituents and send HB 707 to the House for debate and vote instead of procedurally killing the bill in the committee!

BJ 15-8 


Marriage and Conscience Order

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PRESS RELEASE – TEA PARTY OF LOUISIANA CALLS FOR the Immediate Approval of the Paycheck Protection Act HB 418 

May 12, 2015                                     For Immediate Release

BATON ROUGE - The Tea Party of Louisiana (TPoL) calls for the immediate approval of HB 418 – the Paycheck Protection Act.

TPoL's call for immediately approving the Paycheck Protection Act (HB 418) is based on three indisputable facts that every Legislator needs to come to terms with:

1) In Louisiana, taxpayers are forced to pay for the accounting of government labor unions. We bear the cost of deducting their union dues from state employee paychecks. 

2) Legislators have an obligation to the tax payers not to let unions force us to help pay for their political agenda!

3) Even worse, the union dues we pay to collect are used for political causes—causes you may not support and the vast majority of Louisiana tax payers do not support.

TPoL and its 13,733 activist members and the citizenry we represent expect our legislators not to let these pro-government union special interests take precedence over the taxpayer. TPoL feels that our tax dollars have no business subsidizing government union politics -- on causes we may or may not like! We want this legislation passed this session and urge you to VOTE for the Paycheck Protection Act (HB 418).

Bob Reid, spokesman

Board of Directors Member

TEA Party of Louisiana, LLC

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La Republicans Set to Raise Taxes More than Democrats Ever Dreamed??? 


For Immediate Release                                                                                                             May 7, 2015

BATON ROUGE - The Tea Party of Louisiana (TPoL) on behalf of all hardworking, taxpaying citizens of Louisiana and our 13,733 activist members across Louisiana calls on all Representatives to vote “NO” on all tax increases.

Led by a new Republican majority, the Louisiana House of Representatives appears to be set to pass a series of massive tax increases on Louisiana businesses and families! The votes are scheduled for Thursday.

In addition, TPoL asks the following three Republican leaders, and ask each of you to ask each of them: Representative Chuck Kleckley, Speaker of the House; Representative Lance Harris, Republican Delegation Leader; and Representative Joel Robideaux, Ways and Means Chairman to stop all of these bills. These are the three GOP leaders in the House who can stop all of these bills from passing if they want. We gather that Chairman Robideaux, who is running for Mayor of Lafayette, has been the informal leader of this movement to raise taxes.

It is unbelievable that a Republican Speaker of the House would be working hard to increase taxes. TPoL and the people of Louisiana have worked very hard over the last few years to give republicans majorities. To think that they would use these majorities to raise taxes is just unthinkable. This is just what we do not need from any Republican let alone the leadership. Do we have the same type of Republican Leadership problem in Louisiana as we have in our US Congress right NOW?

It’s starting to appear that the entire Louisiana House of Representatives seems to be devoid of conservative leadership. We cannot wait for fall elections to find new Representatives in the House if you are going to support increasing ANY taxes.

The people of Louisiana want conservative leadership in the state legislature. We are tired of tax-and-spend liberals and progressive RINOs who don't understand the limited role of government!

Did this legislature already forget the 2013 session when some misguided Republicans and their leadership signed on to and pushed for a 500 Million Dollar Obama style tax increase compromise, and we had your constituents flood your phones and emails, and you heard their anger? Well rest assured they still feel the same way and perhaps even more strongly today.  TPoL will be prepared to expose every legislator who votes for increased taxes in this session instead of just cutting spending and reducing the size of government to balance the budget just like we have to in our household budgets.

The Tea Party of Louisiana feels it is important that each State Representative, and the Legislature as a whole, hear a firm message that we are TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY!!! And expect you to vote “NO” on any tax increases!


Bob Reid, spokesman

Board of Directors Member

TEA Party of Louisiana, LLC


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Calls On Louisiana Legislature To Kill The New Tax And Oppose Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion provided for in House Concurrent Resolution 75

For Immediate Release          May 7, 2015

BATON ROUGE - The Tea Party of Louisiana (TPoL) on behalf of all hardworking tax paying citizens of Louisiana and our 13,733 activist members across Louisiana calls on all legislators to oppose House Concurrent Resolution 75, which provides for the “stealth” Obamacare Medicaid expansion together with a “bed tax.”

HCR 75 is little more than a thinly veiled attempt to coax Louisiana into Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion.  As such, TPoL will consider a vote for HCR 75 a vote in favor of Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, as well as a vote for higher fees and additional spending at a crucial Louisiana Budgetary shortfall crisis.

Unfortunately, HCR 75 passed out of Committee virtually unopposed and is scheduled for the House floor possibly next Monday. The Committee and “Leadership” has not learned from our previous rejection of HB 532, the “Bed Tax” and Obamacare Medicaid expansion, in the 2013 session; and moreover the failures of this scheme in other states since then.  They continue to push to make this ill-advised policy state law in Louisiana. In Ohio, for example, a similar plan put in place by Governor John Kasich is already projected to be more than $1 billion over-budget in this fiscal year alone – and will more likely become more unsustainable in the future when the Medicaid match rate inevitability fails, and the program’s added costs are shifted to state taxpayers. Louisiana can’t afford such irresponsibility – at the state or federal level !!!

TPoL wants all to clearly understand, this is a scheme to quietly usher Obamacare's Medicaid Expansion into Louisiana. HCR  75 will lay the groundwork for Medicaid Expansion in the coming months without further legislative action. There will be no chance for the Governor to Veto this irresponsible act by the Legislature! It’s totally on them!


A pure ploy to coax Louisiana into Medicaid Expansion - a policy that will further crush our budget in years to come. Bed taxes are a shady, underhanded way of scamming federal taxpayers supposedly at little or no cost to Louisiana taxpayers - except that Louisiana taxpayers are also federal taxpayers.  Essentially, this proposal attempts to profit off of expanding Obamacare, at the expense of federal taxpayers.  Unfortunately, there are those, even in the LA Legislature, who believe that Federal dollars are "Free" dollars.  There are no free dollars, anywhere, as far as you can see. Someone pays and pays dearly.


If this Medicaid expansion succeeds in Louisiana, 45% of the population will be on it.  Add to that the number of those enrolled in Medicare, and you end up with 30% of the citizens of the state paying for everyone else including illegals getting free healthcare at your expense.

Medicaid expansion bills have failed in previous two sessions.  This is an underhanded scam that will cost billions.

The Tea Party of Louisiana (TPoL) strongly opposes HCR 75. TPoL will score a vote in favor of this “bed tax” as a vote in favor of Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, and hold legislators accountable accordingly.

Bob Reid, spokesman

Board of Directors Member

TEA Party of Louisiana, LLC


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